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Each completed project makes us even more hungry.
Hungry for more games, more fun, more code and at least some more coffee.
As a result, we deliver a better user experience.

PC Game Development

We develop fun enthralling games for desktops and PCs. Our team has some of the best PC game developers in the field who’ve experience creating games across various genres.

Mobile Game Development

We build spectacular 2D and 3D multiplayer games for mobile devices powered by addictive gameplay.

HTML Game Development

Bestowed with the dedicated developers & designers, our team caters HTML5 game app development in a cost-effective manner.

Game Design

We specialize in game design and production for mobile and web platforms, providing end to end solutions including rapid prototyping, polished execution of gameplay.

Game Art (2D/3D)

Our art and design services are designed to encompass every part of the games development process, from pre-production concept design and sketching right through to promotional and marketing imagery post-release.

Gamification Consulting

Gamification is changing the landscape of every industry and bringing new business opportunities. We can help you step up your revenues through gamification of your business assets and building engaging training content.

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Our Expertise.

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise, and advice.
Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.

Casual Games

We stand at the forefront of casual game development by offering an exquisite range of services, starting from initial game concepts to game design, development, and deployment.

Serious & Education Games

We partner with leading educational content providers across the globe, building educational games for all age groups including Simulations and Trainings, along with K-12 content.

Real-money & Casino Games

We bring deep insights of gaming platforms and opportunities to casino games and game of skills, both with Virtual Currencies as well as with Real Money.

Platformer & Racing Games

We have varied experience in developing platformer based endless runners and racing games.

Shooter Games (FPS/TPS)

We have expertise in building First Person and Third Person shooter games for both mobile and PC platforms.

Brand/Promotional Games

We build games for brands, agencies, non-profits and campaigns to better engage with diverse stakeholder groups and effectively achieve key engagement metrics.


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